10 cities I have to visit …now!

So, yes I have been fortunate to do quite a bit of traveling in my young age and since my goal is to make this a travel blog I’m hoping I can travel again soon. For now, I will sit and day dream about the places I’ve always wanted to go to.. And feel free to leave comments telling me how amazing these places are!
Here they are… In no particular order!

1. Tokyo


Like seriously, how could you not want to experience a place like that? Well, I guess if you have epilepsy, then it might not be at the top of your list but what’s a seizure or two?

2. Dubai


I’ve been wanting to live in Dubai for about, 8 years now. I remember going on Google Images with my bff in high school, and I swore I would live there someday. I’m currently using Rosetta Stone to learn Arabic and hopefully I will be fluent enough to live there next year! I don’t want to live there for forever just about two years. I also, don’t know what I would be doing there but hopefully an American living in Dubai as blogger would be my reality.

3. Sydney


My my my, there she is. Beautiful Sydney ( is it a coincidence that all girls named Sydney are hott too? Hmmm) Australia has been on my list for a while but it jumped to the top 3 after working with some of the fine men of the RAAF or Royal Australian Air Force. Seriously those creatures not only charismatic and funny, but were definitely a pleasure to work with. I got along great with all of them! All Australian guys are sexy, even the ugly ones. So yes, I have to go, and I need to go soon, while I’m single. Cue creepy grin here —


4. Cuba


I mean, c’mon .. Look at the pic why not Cuba? Nuff said.

5. Morocco


Before, during and after my time in Italy. I never really looked at a map. Apparently, I didn’t know where I was in relation to the rest of the world. I was amazed at how many Africans were in Italy. Duhhhh Carrie, Italy almost touches Africa! Morocco is like right 👉there. I wish I would’ve taken advantage of my placement, but I also feel like I would’ve been too young and dumb to really take in the experiences of going to Africa. Now, now I would soak it all up. I had a few “club” friends in Italy that were Moroccan true gentlemen, and always rep’d their country, and I would love to learn more about it.

6. Iceland


Honestly, I think If I went to this country I wouldn’t want to leave. I heard it’s an expensive place to frolic, but if I lived here, it would be in another lifetime when money isn’t an issue but still, I would live here and fall in love with a man named Magnus.

7. New York City


Well, I don’t want to go to NYC as a tourist. I want to go to Harlem and see the real part of NY. I mean, of course I don’t want to stay there, at night … I want to stay in the trump towers or something but I do want to visit the real New York. So, if anyone is down to get a slice and stroll through the hood, let’s go!

8. London


I’ve met a few Big Bens in my life .. Hehe. But I haven’t met The Big Ben and I need to, now. If there was one city that embodied my personality I would say that it is London. The dry humor, the scones, the rain, the networking with royals, the old money, the accent, ok… Not the accent, but definitely the scones. I am all of those things. Bravo has a show Ladies of London and I quite honestly, could easily be one of those “ladies”. I just need to find a MLS star to marry so if you know any.. Leave their contact info in the comments section 👇 don’t be shy!

9. Bora Bora


I’ve never really been a “tropical” girl. I’ve always been more drawn to rain and trench coats and ripped jeans (very kylie jenner ). However, when I saw “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” go there on a family trip, I fell in love. No, I didn’t grope my TV or try and swim in the waters on my screen, but I wanted to. That island looks unimaginably beautiful, the kind you actually didn’t know existed. So, if I was to get all tropical then that is the place I would want to go to. Darn!!

10. Monaco


Like really? Do I even have to explain this? Just look. I know it’s the play ground for the rich and famous (neither of which I want to be) but I’m sure they have Super 8’s there … right!?