Why I won’t take the “Black Lives Matter” protestors seriously…

I’m going to keep this short, because I don’t want to piss too many people off, it’s too early in the new year for that, and I just started my blog, so I’m still trying to suck up. Also, I will save my opinions on the Eric Garner and Mike Brown case for another post, because like I said I’m still trying to get followers!

One thing I will say is that these protests are laughable. I’m not referencing the cause. I would never tell someone what to believe, even if they are wrong, but if you want to be taken seriously then there are ways to go about it, and these protesters are indeed FAILING.

If we take a look back to 1968 we can see vast contrast between the two pictures. The first thing that caught my eye, is the clothing. Today, the #blacklivesmatter protestors are wearing homemade shirts, designer sunglasses, shirts with their belly hanging out, and blue jeans.


If you were to go to a business meeting, wearing what the protestors today are wearing they would laugh you out the door. Why? Simple, because your attire is your first impression. Before you even open your mouth to speak, your clothes say a lot about you. In 1968, these protests were underneath all of it, basically, a business meeting. The civil rights movement, was like a gigantic contract. The contract was one of livelihood but, a contract none the less. The men wore shirts, ties, blazers. The women wore, knee length dresses, and heels. This wasn’t about comfort or convenience it was about respect and fulfillment.

The other thing I noticed was the body language. Honestly, this can only be taken with a grain of salt because a protest is a long event and the these pictures only capture a brief moment in time, but I can’t help but to feel the hostility when looking at the picture below šŸ‘‡.


Arms up, mouths open. It’s almost as if they just want to be heard. If you dissect the different arguments, there’s no cohesion. There’s many saying that it’s a race problem, there others swearing it’s just police brutality and not about race. The message isn’t clear. It’s extremely unorganized which, is exactly what the Black Lives Matter protesters look like, a hot mess!

Now, in comparison, you see the Civil Rights protestors. Arms held side by side and tightly locked. They look organized and well put together. They look as if they have a purpose. They look as if they want to be seen and by being seen they will be heard. They don’t look angry, they look honorable. .


These were just a couple of points I wanted to make in reference to the cause. Maybe, in the weeks to come the BLM protestors will get their shit together, if they actually mean businesss and they aren’t doing it because it’s just “the thing to do”. Feel free to join in on the discussion, I love a good (intellectual) debate.