Pastels Royals Animals: Spring Fashion 2015

New Year, new you? Nope, you are fine. It’s your clothes that need to change! Oh, and maybe that habit of self-medicating with wine, but you could always save that for next year!

So, let’s take a look at the hottest fashion trends to come.


Well, if we’re being honest, pastel is nothing new. If you go back 10 maybe even 15 years it’s always been a thing for Spring. Now, we’re brining that 2015 edge by painting our leather jackets like an Easter egg, no really.

Check it.


Also, since you may (or may not) still be on your “New Year Resolution” health kick by the time March rolls around. Spring is the perfect season to start running and working on cardio! It’s still crispy in the morning but the sun stays up long enough for you to wait until after work.

Plus, it’s scientifically proven that you run better when you have brand new shoes (not really). Wait, maybe … Hmmmmmm


Last, but most certainly, not least. We have yet another excuse to spend money. I have the pleasure of living in the desert so I won’t personally need these, but for my readers that live in a place with actual seasons, it may be raining in Spring. “In like a lion, out like a lamb”. These boots are soft and ferocious.




Yes, I know. You’re probably singing that song in your head right now. If you want to just get it out of the way and listen to it. Click here Also click there if you have no clue what “that” song is!

It’s a blasphemy…Lorde has ruined my ability to enjoy rich colors! I will make an effort by presenting these beauties.

First we have our classic Royal blue blazer. This spring is all about being edgy but not falling off of the cliff.


Keep the lines simple. Don’t over do it by adding patterns.

Thank me later.

Royal green, is one of my favorite colors. I am pleased that women are starting to see how exquisite it really is. It’s perfect for every skin color, and no, it’s not emerald. Imagine that emerald and forrest green had a baby, that is royal green. That also means you have a twisted imagination .. You sick freak.

Royal green is the new black.


Royal green also participates in amazing patterns.

2015/01/img_4680.jpg if you must wear a pattern, keep it simple. Save the tropical, Brazil carnival patterns for summer!


This last trend is pretty self-explanatory. It’s also my favorite because I like simple. I feel like this trend would be more appropriate for men, because it just looks better but borrowing your boyfriends close happens!

We get it!

Even if you don’t have a boyfriend you can fake it with these really cute shark tees.



If you want to jazz it up for night time, there’s another option.


Last but not least, Sharks aren’t the only wild thing you can put on a shirt! There’s more!


Animal prints have always been in. The cheetah print was a trend literally all year, and quite frankly I’m OVER it. Spice it up! I’m really liking this alternative choice
It ties multiple trends together. PASTEL, GREEN, ANIMAL PRINT


What a perfect way to finish the post.

Thanks for reading!