Life 2015

Life? Everyone thinks life should be pretty. Like that skinny blonde girl, with a flat chest in high school. Sarah, She never had to try hard to be great at everything and all the boys wanted her. That isn’t life. Life is the fat girl, Tina, that plays tuba, who all the straight guys secretly wanted because she was the only girl in school with boobs and ass. Life is Amaya, the tall, rail thin, mixed girl with the thickĀ  hair and thick eyebrows, who next year will be overseas fashion modeling, because she is beautiful. Life is the science nerd, Alex, who always has extra pencils and gives you one, because you lost yours throughout the day. Everyday. Life is Sarah’s parents who filed for divorce and can’t stand to be in the same room as each other, and she is alone every night listening to two people that were once in love scream “I hate you, this was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made!”.

Life is Sarah’s tears. Life is Tina’s curves. Life is Amaya’s beauty. Life is Alex’s generosity. Life will cause you pain. Life will have ins and outs and ups and downs. Life and all its ugliness is beautiful. Life will give you presents and secret messages. There is no magic equation to succeed. Money will never make life easier. There will be people that come in to destroy your livelihood. You may know others who’s life ended too soon. The only way to live is to feel it in every aspect. Love and love hard. Get hurt. Recover, and do it again. Meet someone who causes your body to subconsciously feel things you didn’t know you could feel. Use all your senses. Taste food you think you’ll hate. Close your eyes and hear things with a blind man’s ears. Don’t waste life by becoming numb to thinks that are out of your control.

Having kids sucks. But, it’s a good kind of suck. Like owning little hurricanes but you get to pick the names, not the weather guy. They are fascinating. How did nature do that? They cause you to slow down, but make life move so fast. The older you get the more you realize there are no constants in life.

Time is no longer a constant. It speeds up. In the blink of an eye you’ll be wondering what happened to last year. Next year will seem to come overnight. Life won’t get easier, you will just start to get more control of it, and it becomes more enjoyable.